11 August 2013

Morris Minor in Romania

Intr-un post recent pe blogul sau, Automobilia publica o fisa interesanta cu masinile participante la un raliu in 1983. Printre altele apare un "Moritz 1950", nr 1-SB-3914. Masina este de fapt un Morris Minor, nicidecum din 1950 ci din seria Minor 1000 produsa intre 1956 si 1962, care apare si intr-o imagine din 1982. Surpriza surpriza, masina (din 1958) inca exista in tara si era recent expusa catre vanzare in Sibiu. Din pacate aceste masini, produse pana in anii 70, nu au o valoare foarte mare, fiind inca comune in Marea Britanie unde cateva sunt inca folosite ca masini de zi cu zi.

Nu au existat foarte multe in Romania. Filmul "BD in alerta" (1971) arata un exemplar de dupa 1964. Alt exemplar - din 1964 - figureza in evidenta Retromobil. Iar in Blaj, un Traveller din 1959 se vinde cu 9500 Euro - o suma prea mare in parerea mea, mai ales luand in consideratie modificarile ulteriorare. Totusi, design-ul interesant si preturile accesibile poate vor insemna un val proaspat de importuri - care este posibil originea exemplarului din ultima poza. Nu poti decat sa zambesti vazand una pe strada!

In a recent blog post, Automobila shows an interesting list with the cars participating in a vintage rally in 1983. Featured is a "Moritz 1950", registered 1-SB-3914. This is actually a Morris Minor 1000, not from 1950 but from the 1956-62 series - as seen in a photo from another parade, in 1982. Amazingly the car, from 1958, still exists and was recently offered for sale in Sibiu. Sadly the large number of these cars, produced until the 70s, in existence (especially in the UK were a handful are still used daily) mean that values are generally low.

There were never very many in Romania. The 1971 film "BD on alert" shows a post-1964 model. Another example, from 1964, is registered with Retromobil. And in Blaj, a 1959 Traveller is for sale for 9500 Euros - a sum which, considering the modifications carried out, is in my opinion too high. But perhaps the interesting, cute design and the low prices means that a fresh wave of cars might find their way to Romania (possibly as the car in the last photo did). After all, it's a car which always puts a smile on your face.





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  2. chiar exista asa cv la noi in tara?

  3. Exista multe masini interesante! Inclusiv cele uitate prin garaje...

  4. Se pare ca B 62 KKK si 2 B 5002 sunt una si acceasi