17 February 2022

Skoda 1100 VO in Romania

O aparitie relativ frecventa pe strazile Romaniei in anii 50 era Skoda 1100 VO. Aproximativ 4000 exemplare au fost construite in Cehia in perioada 1948-51, pe baza modelului 1101/1102 (adica cu tractiune pe spate, nu un 4x4 adevarat). Un numar relativ significativ a ajuns si in Romania, unde au fost folosite de armata si de organele statului, pe langa GAZ-67 si Willys Jeep ramase dupa razboi. Uluitor, un exemplar a circulat pana in 2006, fiind expus la vanzare in 2011; ulterior se pierde urma ei. 

Aici, cateva imagini cu exemplare din Romania, marea majoritate fiind din anii 50, o perioada f rara pentru imagini cu masini. 

A relatively frequent sight on Romanian roads in the 1950s was the Skoda 1100 VO. Around 4000 were made in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1951, based on the 1101/1102. Despite their looks, they were a straightforward rwd model. In Romania a largeish number were imported, where they were used by the army and by other State bodies alongside the GAZ-67 and Willys Jeeps left over from the war. Amazingly, one was still driving as late as 2006; in 2011 it was for sale and after that the trail goes cold.

Below, several images with these cars in Romania, mainly from the 1950s - a very difficult period to find images from. 

Cluj 1957

Bucuresti 1951


Bucuresti 1956

Tg Mures 1962

Odorhei 1949

Bucuresti 1960

Vaslui 1950

Constanta 1955

Bucuresti 1956

Cluj 1958

Roman, anii 50

Bucuresti, 1950

Bucuresti 1955

Bucuresti 1955
Bucuresti 1955

Bucuresti 1955

Orasul Stalin, 1958

Ultima supravietuitoare , 2011