27 August 2010

Sinaia 1940

Trei poze de exceptie, facute de un grup de turisti polonezi vizitand Romania in 1940 in Skoda lor ,,Popular''. Fara discutie cea mai interesanta imagine e semnul pus de ACRR (Automobil Club Regal Roman) langa ramasitele unui tourer, probabil de prin 1930, aratand ce se intampla daca soferul nu are grija... Acest obicei putin macabru se practica in Romania si mai recent, pana curand pe soseaua Piatra-Neamt Bacau fiind expusa o carcasa accidentata de Peugeot 104. Interesant, totusi, ca aceste semne erau puse de un corp particular si nu de stat sau de ministerul transporturilor.

Three exceptional pictures taken by a group from Ploand touring Romania in 1940 in their Skoda Popular. Without a doub the most interesting one os of the sign advising drivers to take care and, by showing the mangled wreckage of a circa 1930 tourer, telling them what happens if they don't... This habit lasted until modern times; until farily recently, on the stretch of road between Piatra-Neamt and Bacau, the carcass of a Peugeot 104 was disaplyed prominently by the roadside with similar grim implications. Interestingly, however, in pre-war Romania it was the equivalent of the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) who put such signs up, and not the Ministry of Transport.

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