21 February 2015

Dacia 1302 in Algeria ... x10

Se pare ca inca mai sunt Dacii 1302 pe strazile Algeriei! In general, sunt in stare dezastruoasa, modificate si carpite cu orice piesa posibila, in mod special cele de Renault 12, o masina foarte raspandita in tara. Dar inca circula, si oamenii inca isi fac treaba cu ele. Proabil sunt cateva sute existente in tara - desi marea majoritate sunt irecuperabile.

So it seems there are quite a few more Dacia 1302s in Algeria! In general they are in disastrous condition, modified and mended with anything possible. The many Renault 12s in Algeria have certainly yielded many parts. But they are still going, and still being put to good use. I imagine there are a few hundreds unphotographed - although probably they are in equally poor condition.

An necunoscut, stare groaznica


Aceeasi, din spate

Inca un '78

Un '79

Un '79 de vanzare.


Din lateral - observam modofocarea catre patru prezoane

Un 1980, cu roata fata de 1310

Din fata

Din nou



  1. Intai de toate va felicit pentru crearea si actualizarea blogului!
    Este minunat ca exista oameni interesati de aceste vestigii auto intr-atat de mult!
    Observ ca, cu mult efort, strainii mentin vie istoria noastra auto mai bine decat noi insine...
    Oare in Argentina (mai) exista 1302-uri?

  2. Multumesc!

    Nu stiu despre Argentina - de fapt, nu sunt convins ca au existat. Cred ca prin anii 90, cand au inceput sa apara siteuri cu istoria Dacia, s-a creat o confuzie dintre Algeria si Argentina. Algeria a fost o piata mare pentru Dacii inca de la inceput - la moment dat, de exemplu, e de vanzare acolo un break din 1973 (!) si o berlina din 1972. In schimb, nu am vazut Dacii de vanzare in Argentina mai vechi de 1992. Am sa mai cercetez....

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  4. Hello ! i see that you used some of my picture on this post lol ! i'm from Algeria i will try to get you more pics if i can very soon ! by the way i found this other picture on a Facebook page that might be interesting for you ! 3 old Dacia's pick ups in one picture, enjoy !
    I think this picture was taken in Saida city, Western Algeria, Facebook original link :

  5. Hi Raji - thanks very much for the pictures! The one with 3 of them is impressive.... If you can get any more that would be amazing. Are they quite a frequent sight on the road? And do people think of them as Dacia or R12?

  6. You're welcome, well most of people call them R12 as i know ! they are quite common in the north west provinces like Oran, Ain Temouchent, Sidi Bel-Abbess, i had visited the east i don't really remember but i think i didn't see them there !