6 July 2011

Britanic si romanesc la Castelul Peles / British and Romanian at Peles Castle

Acum mult timp am aratat cateva imagini cu masini britanice in Romania, care puteau fi zarite din cand in cand pe sosele in anii 60 si 70.
Acum, pot sa va arat o imagine din Sinaia in 1966, aratand un Hillman Minx in perioada de glorie. Facand abstractie de Singer, poza insusi mi se pare glorioasa. Dar nu ar fi cinstit sa credam ca erau numai masini vestice pe-acolo, deci adaug, ca un bonus, din acelasi set, (si mai ales ca e blog anglo-roman) ceva fabricat la Campulung, sau IMS57 sau M59.

Quite some time ago I wrote about British cars in Romania, which were an occasional sight on the roads in the 60s and 70s. In a 1966 photo of Sinaia, I found such a car, a Hillman Minx. Leaving aside the car, the photo itself is glorious. However, it would be unfair to suggest that all cars were Western. So, for balance's sake, and because this is something of an Anglo-Romanian blog, I attach a bonus picture from the same set showing an early vehicle from Campulung, either an IMS57 or a M59.

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