12 February 2016

Cluj, August 1994

Pe flickr, fotograful Ggia a surprins niste poze interesante cu Clujul anului 1994. Desi pare memorie recenta, adevarul e ca 22 de ani au trecut: scenele si masinile din poze sunt, desi imediat cunoscute, destul de rare in Romania anului 2016. Vedem Dacii, mai mult sau mai putin carpite; un Oltcit; Aro 243 si M461; Trabant, Lada si Skoda S100; si primul val de masini importate din Occident, un Ford Transit, un Passat Mk 1 si un Mercedes W123 "Cobra" - toate prezente in numere mari pe strazile postdecembriste. Mitsubishi Colt din poza 2 da singura nota de modernitate. Atmosfera saracacioasa, funesta. Prezinta, totusi, un contrast cu Romania de astazi.

On flickr, the photographer Ggia has uploaded some interesting photos of Cluj in 1994. Although it may seem like a recent memory, the truth is that 22 years have passed; and although the scenes and vehicles in the pictures may seem instantly familiar, they are seldom seen in 2016 Romania. Dacias, in greater or lesser states of dilapidation; an Oltcit; Aro 243 and M461; Trabant, Lada and Skoda 100; and the first wave of cars imported from the West, a Ford Transit, Passat Mk 1 and Mercedes W123 "Cobra" - all regular sights in the 1990s. The Mitsubishi Colt strikes the only note of modernity. The atmosphere is sombre; prosperity is difficult to see. So things have, without a doubt changed, at least to some extent...


  1. it may seem like a recent memory, the truth is that 22 years have passed http://goo.gl/2bzqIS