18 February 2016

Povestea incredibila unui BMW 327 / Incredible story of a BMW 327

In muzeul BMW din Munchen se afla un BMW 327, in stare uzata, purtand inca placute de inmatriculare romanesti. Poveste masinii este extrordinara. In 1937, inginerul Eduard Ecker, un tanar bucurestean de origine germana, se plimba prin Bucuresti. Atras de liniile armonioase decapotabilei nou-noute expuse in vitrina firmei Butculescu (reprezentantul BMW in Bucuresti), si-o cumpara, la varsta de 25 de ani. Si ... o tine. Razboiul vine si trece; de la ofiteri nemti, se alimenteaza cu piese de schimb; cand vin sovieticii masina se ascunde, o alta masina - tot BMW 327 - se "rechizitioneaza". Vin vremuri grele. Averea si proprietatile se confisca. BMW-ul - cine stie cum - ramane. In anii 60 dl Ecker se gandeste la emograre. Nici gand sa plece fara masina. Cu chiu cu vai, in 1969 isi face rost de o aprobare de la ACR pentru o vizita la Beograd. Timp de doua luni isi prepara masina - acum la al cincilea motor; si pleaca. Ajunge la Beograd, unde solicita o viza pentru Trieste, in Italia. Apoi Austria; apoi Germania Federala, unde intra - tot cu masina - printr-o padure. In sfarsit, se stabileste in Germania isi gaseste servici si isi creaza o noua viata. Tot cu BMW-ul - care a parcurs cele 2,000 km fara probleme. Dupa 1972, masina sta intr-un garaj, mecanica total restaurata. Intr-un interview in 2005, dl Ecker - in varsta de 93 de ani - sustinea ca masina avea peste 2,000,000 kilometri la bord. Greu de dovedit. Totusi, o masina care si-a tinut acelasi proprietar timp de aproape sapte decenii e impresionant in oricare tara. In circumstantele descrise, e aproape incredibil.

Din fericire, masina - donata muzeului in 2006 - va fi conservata: 327-uri sunt destule, povestea, totusi, e unicata.

Foto: revista BMW Club din Germania

In the BMW museum in Munich there is a BMW 327, in fairly well-worn condition, still wearing Romaniain plates. Its story is extraordinary. In 1937, the engineer Eduard Ecker goes for a walk in Bucharest and is attracted by the elegant lines of the brand new cabriolet seen in the Butculescu BMW dealership. He buys it - a 25th birthday present for himself. And ... keeps it. The war comes; from German officers, Mr Ecker gets spare parts. When the Soviets come he hides it; a second car, also a 327, gets "requisitioned". The Communists take over, and Mr Ecker's wealth is confiscated. But the BMW, somehow, remains. In the 1960s Mr Ecker considers emigrating; but he wouldn't contemplate doing so without the car. In 1969 he secures approval from the Romanian Automobile Club to visit Belgrade. He preps the car - now on its fifth engine - for two months; then sets off. In Belgrade, he manages to get a visa for Trieste. From Italy, he drives through Austria, then enters West Germany through a forest. There, he settles down, finds a job, and builds a new life. Still with the trusty BMW which took him the 2,000 km to freedom without a glitch. After 1972, he puts the car in long-term storage, its running gear having been totally restored. In a 2005 interview, Mr Ecker claims it has travelled 2 million kilometres. Difficult to prove. But what is clear that for a car to have the same owner for over seven decades is a rarity anywhere. In the above circumstances, it is almost incredible.

Luckily, the car - donated to the museum in 2006 - will be conserved: there's plenty of other 327s out there, but this one's story is unique.

Photos: BMW Club magazine, Germany

Actele masinii, din anii 60

In 1939

In 1942, la Marea Neagra

In 1943

In 1972, in Germania

In 2005


  1. There's plenty of other 327s out there which is great. Nice blog. http://goo.gl/2bzqIS

  2. What an amazing story of such a beautiful car! It's only right that it should be preserved and put into a museum I think! But given its exciting adventures, perhaps someone should take her out for a spin every once in a while too!

  3. I hope so! Would be nice to see something like this doing what it was designed to do... perhaps even recreating Mr Eckar's epic journey...