25 November 2010

Dacia 1310 in Corea de Nord / Dacia 1310 in North Korea

Da, exista si acolo...

Acum cateva luni, cand vorbeam despre autocamioneta TV-41 in Corea de Nord, am mentionat ca modelul Dacia 1310 se poate gasi acolo ca taximetru, dar si ca masina particulara. Au fost importate in anii 80, si, dupa detaliile vizibile pe taxmetrele albastre, e vorba de cel putin doua serii diferite. Deci poate cand toate sunt la REMAT in Romania, pasionatii de Dacia se vor duce la Pyongyang sa pescuiasca cate o piesa. (Sau poate nu!)

Incidental, cel mai rapandit taxiu in Pyongyang e (sau cel putin era) Volvo 144. Statul suedez a vrit sa fie amic cu coreenii si i-au lasat sa comandeze cam o mide de modele 144. Masinile au sost, coreenii n-au platit. Dar taxiurile tot le au. Erau, de fapt, si o prezenta in Bucurestii anilor 70... Iar echivalentul DDR-ist a cartierului Primaverii era poreclit Volvograd, pentru ca toti sefii comunisti erau pasionati de marca suedeza...

Yes, they have them over there...
Several months ago, when writing about the TV-41 minivan in North Korea, I mentioned that the Dacia 1310 was a popular taxi and private car in Pyongyang. Here's the proof! From the details on the two blue taxis, it seems that at least two lots were imported in the 1980s. Perhaps, when they've all been scrapped in Romania, enthusiasts will flock over there for spare parts. (Then again, perhaps not!)

Incidentally the most popular taxi in Pyongyang is (or at least was) the Volvo 144 from the early 1970s. It seems that Sweden, keen to become friendly with Socialist contries from a trade perspective, allowed an order of about a thousand vehicles to Pyongyang. The cars arrived, but the North Koreans refused to pay. Volvos were also by no means a rare sight in 1970s Bucharest, while, in East Germany, the smartest suburb where all the leaders had villas was nicknamed Volvograd, as they had one on every drive...


  1. Oare Daciile le-au platit? :)

  2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_DeOrUlIt_nQ/TA4sDj931hI/AAAAAAAAHwU/ZOGEcFnO3s4/s1600/43+bis+3.JPG

    de pe blogul lui Imperator

  3. Din câte stiu eu, in Corea de Nord nu exista masini particulare (exceptate cele ale strainilor in post pe-acolo, si a catorva shmecheri cu relatii la Partid...). Deci, automobilele de acolo sint ale intreprinderilor si ale administratiilor.

  4. I have quite a comprehensive archive of Romanian vehicles in North Korea in this topic: https://nkrecognition.proboards.com/thread/200/romanian-vehicles-north-korea

    I hope this helps.