5 July 2011

BMW/EMW 340 in Romania

Scotocind prin imagini vechi, aceasta poza, facuta in Cluj in 1955, mi s-a parut extrem de interesanta pentru ca in prim plan se vede un BMW sau EMW 340. Aceasta masina, de fapt un BMW antebelic (326) modernizat, a fost fabricat intre 1948 si 1953la Eisenach unde ulterior se va construi celebrul Wartburg. Initial a fost vandut chiar sub numele de BMW 340, spre supararea fabricii mama din Berlin. A fost exportat in multe tari comuniste, fiind cautat in mod special in URSS. Fara discutie, o masina mare, bine dotata, cu motor in sase cilindrii, nu era pentru proletari! Interesant pentru o fabrica socialista, EMW fabrica si masini sport, in acest caz EMW-ul 327, si el fiind un BMW-ul antebelic modernizat.

Se pare ca 340-ul a ajuns si in Romania...

Looking through old pictures, this one, taken in Cluj in 1955, is extremely interesting for the BMW or EMW 340 in the foreground. This car, basically a warmed-up pre-war BMW 326, was built in Eisenach, which would later become famous for production of the Wartburg. Initially, it was sold as the BMW 340, to the chagrin of the existing BMW factory west of the Berlin Wall. It was exported to many of the Eastern Bloc countires, and was particularly popular in the USSR. Without a doubt, given its large size, six-cylinder engine and luxurious specification, this was not a car for the masses. Interestlingly for a socialist company, they also made a high-end sports car, in this case the EMW-327, itself a modernised prewar BMW.

And it seems the 340 also reached Romania...

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  1. Altul, in anii 60: https://www.facebook.com/ImaginiBucuresti/photos/p.1813924102165057/1813924102165057/?type=3&theater

    Un exemplar a facut turul Romaniei in 1987, impreuna cu un Ford A si o Hansa. Din pacate, s-a pierdut urma lui.