30 June 2014

O "antebelica", inca in circulatie / A "pre-war" vehicle, still going strong

In anii 70, inca erau destule familii care, dorind motorizare ieftina, foloseau masini de dinainte de razboi. Aceste masini, de multe ori modificate in orice fel posibil pentru a le mentine in circulatie, erau o aparitie destul de comuna in piesajul stradal. Treptat, totusi, din ce in ce mai multi isi pot permite o masina moderna. "Vechiturile" sunt ori abandonate, ori casate, ori - in cazurile cel mai fericite - vandutre catre pasionati care le tin in garaj si le expun la paradele organizate de ACR. A folosi o masina antebelica ca unicul mijloc de transport devine ceva din ce in ce mai rar - desi sunt cazuri chiar dupa 1989.

Iata totusi o masina din 1941 care chiar astazi se inscire in categoria "daily driver". In plus, are ITP si asigurare. Greu de crezut, dar aceasta creatie a fost la baza un Willys MB. Cam totul e schimbat. Numai bordul si rotile dovedesc originea. E de vanzare in judetul Buzau pe site-ul olx.ro. Ca vehicul istoric e, clar, irecuperabil. Ca  o curiozitate istorica, un supravietuitor, un vehicul vechi de peste 70 de ani cu care omul inca isi face treaba - e minunat.

In 1970s Romania there were still many families who, wanting cheap motoring, used cars from before the war. These cars - often modified in any way possible to keep them going - were a fairly common sight, but, as people began to be able to afford modern cars, the "oldtimers" were either scrapped, abandoned or, in lucky cases, sold to enthusiasts who kept them in garages and took them to parades. "Daily drivers" from the 1930s became rarer and rarer - though there are examples of some being used right into the 1990s.
And one is still being used - with a valid technical test and insurance, no less! Believe it or not, this is at base a 1941 Willys MB. Pretty much everything has been modified - only the wheels and the interior hint at what it once was. This particular example is currently for sale on olx.ro, in Buzau. As a historic vehicle it is clearly beyond salvation. As a historical curiosity - a pre-war vehicle which, over seventy years on, is still being used for transportation - it is wonderful.