10 June 2013

Packard 1939 in deplasare / 1939 Packard far from home

Acest superb Packard a fost surprins in Oxford in anii 30 sau 40 de catre un englez pasionat de numere de inmatriculare straine. Mai precis, este un Super Eight Convertible Sedan din 1939 - practic, varful de gama a unei marci deja foarte prestigioase. Cine stie ce cauta, sau la cine era in vizita, la Oxford... [Foto John Pemberton / Europlate]

This splendid Packard was snapped in 1930s or 1940s Oxford by an English photographer interested in foreign number plates. More precisely it is a 1939 Super Eight Convertible Sedan - top of the range for a very prestigious manufacturer. Who knows what it was doing, or who it might have been visiting, in Oxford... [Photo John Pemberton / Europlate]

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