19 October 2010

Citroen PTTR, 1968 - Post Office Citroen, 1968

Imagini din filmul "Vin Ciclistii", din 1968, aratand un Citroen H-van de PTTR (cu stopuri de TV). Nici nu stiam ca asa ceva ar fi fost in dotarea statului. De fapt, in afara de Skodele 1200 furgon din anii 50, nu stiu ce tipuri de dubite folosea posta - nu apar in nicio poza de epoca. Astept informatii!

Stills from the 1968 film "The Cyclists Are Coming", showing a Post office Citroen H-Van (with TV tail-lights). I had no idea that such vans were used by the Post; but then, apart from the fleet of Skoda 1200 vans used in the 1950s, Romanian post office vans are a mystery to me, not appearing in any contemporary images I've seen. Any info would be most welcome!

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